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Gerda TURBO DECODER for Tytan ZX - pick / decoding TOOL

Gerda Tytan ZX kit

The turbotool set can open:

Gerda Tytan ZX - pick turbodecoder tool for opening the "impossibile" 4 000 000 000 combination lock with tolerances of 0,02 mm. "Class 7" security level, with no damage . The tool is built to open all models of Gerda ZX series, which became common lock in England, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia. The procedure is easy to learn, but a day of training class is necessary. The video clip shows the final step only - the opening.

About Gerda Tytabn zx

Security - Gerda ZX100 lock has achieved the highest grade 7 of security EN 12209 standard – manual force attacks. It is equipped with locking cylinder RIM WKM4. The cylinder is tested against manipulation and force attacks according to EN 1303 and has achieved the highest grade 6. Two large, steel bolts, rigid casing, anti-drill protection of the lock and cylinder, plus over 20 years of Gerda experience in construction and manufacturing of locks result in an exceptional burglary-resistance. The lock is supplied with security card and unique code. To have additional key cut, you need to present one key and security card with the code to authorised locksmiths. Please be careful with security procedure when purchasing the lock. The lock box is sealed with special sticker with hologram. If the seal is open or broken – refuse purchasing the product. When open - make sure to stick the code which is attached to the key's security card. Store the card in safe place for authorised use. Comfort of use. Despite its small dimensions for this class of security, the lock has quite large thumb-turn, which makes it easy and comfortable to lock/unlock, even by elderly people. The available finishes are maintenance free.


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