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The locks with key profile HU101 which is in use of  Range Rover, Ford, Volvo and Jaguar are the hardest to open and servicing.
They contain 10 tumblers , each tumbler has 5 deeps. That give the big number of code combination and make almost impossible to open it in " ANY KEY".
The most locksmith devices are useless in that case. Our company  decide to put a end of the locksmith suffering.We invent and realize the tool called TURBO DECODER.
With our TURBO DECODER device we achieved an fast and easy opening of those locks.
That opening procedure is familiar to our clients who already use our products since 2009.
Our new factory equipment give us the possibility to make that tool in new way - more precise, more strong and more durable.
Our TURBO DECODER - open the lock in case of key lost , damaged or locked inside.
Our TURBO DECODER  can give you the mechanical lock code - it is in fact an DECODER.
Our TURBO DECODER is the end of HU101 locks opening headache

- Fiesta (2008 onwards) 
- Focus (2004 onwards) 
- Focus C Max (2003 onwards) 
- Galaxy (from 2006) 
- KUGA (2008 onwards) 
- Mondeo (2007 onwards) 
- S max (2006 onwards) 
- Transit (2002 to 2007) 

Land Rover 
- Discovery (2006 onwards) 
- Range Rover (2005 onwards) 

- XK (X150) emergency key (2006 onwards) 
- Most models after 2007 

- S40 (from 2004) 
- V50 (from 2004) 

Ford USA 
- Fiesta (2010 onwards) 

Ford Australia 
- Falcon FG (2008 onwards) 
- Falcon BF (2005 to 2008) 
- Focus (2005 onwards) 
- Territory (2005 onwards) 

Ford Suda Afrika 
- Mondeo (2007 onwards) 
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